No idea

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I was with Anna Grace at some place I cannot remember. We went to this little store/gas station. On the inside it was like a store with toys and things, and a grocery store. As we were going in, I saw a creepy looking man walking behind this girl in a green dress towards the parking lot. When we got into the store we saw Sam Hutchinson. He was looking on shelves for something. We started to talk to him. In the middle of our conversation Emily came up to him (I couldn't see her face, but I knew it was her). Me and Anna looked through the store until Anna had to go to the bathroom. We found it, and when she opened the door to go in, Kaitlin Balshart came out. While Anna was in the bathroom I started looking around. I saw these two little boys who looked like they were looking for someone. Later I saw an even younger boy who was running around the store. I looked over the shelves for the other boys. I saw them see the small boy and he ran out the door. I went outside then too to look for him I guess. I passed that creepy guy and he asked me if I wanted him to walk me to my car. I yelled "no" and that my dad was coming and ran back into the store. I saw Emily walking away crying a little (I hoped that Sam had broken up with her finally). I started to look around the store and found these little wooden puzzle pieces. There were three of them: red, blue, and green. I put them together and showed Anna when she came back. I found the place the puzzle pieces came from. There was a little table with pockets different things went into. I put the pieces where they went and started to organize the other things. There were two different kinds of rods. One was perfectly round on the length of it, and the other was like a long thin rectangular figure. While I was separating them someone came and hit me with something. Then I heard a voice that sounded like Bobby Hill's that said "Yeah! Let's delete her on Facebook!" And they kept hitting me. Then I flashed to this other place. A bunch of different scenes were playing and each time it showed one scene again, it was getting closer to something. One scene was someone getting closer to putting a thin rod into someones leg (when they finally did it i heard a popping noise and a scream). The second scene was just someone on a couch and someone else coming towards them. The last was only a guy with a mustache.