Rattler Warning

Date: 3/31/2017

By clarissajoy

This dream begins with me sitting in a strange cave with a friend who's face I don't recognize, and my dad. I'm sitting there on my phone, when my friend next to me says to me, "hey be careful there are rattlesnakes around here." I brush off her comment responding with, "I'm not worried about it." Next thing I know I look up from my phone and meet eyes with a huge white rattlesnake and he's staring me down with these crazy intense yellow eyes. This snake's head alone is as big as mine, and he's hissing at me, revealing huge fangs. I freeze, and back away slowly trying my hardest not to breathe. Then I close my eyes and pray to God he doesn't strike. As I open my eyes he strikes me, stabbing me in the leg with his giant fangs and as he strikes me his skin turns completely black. Not before I let this giant evil creature strike me again I quickly react and grab his head and attempt to smash it on the ground and stomp it's head. At this point my dad and friend of freaking out and we all run as a snake recovers and quickly tries to chase us down. My dad hits it several times and we make it to the car which is right outside the cave. As we drive to the hospital I asked my dad if I will survive and I look down at my bare leg dripping with blood, feeling as if I'm staring at my own death. My dad begins to speed off towards the hospital and then I wake up.