Date: 3/10/2019

By muri_es

So, I was at this party with friends and then we decided to go buy alcohol, we were 3 girls so it was like: Yeah come on, we should go buy alcohol. We bought vodka, whiskey and strong stuff, after that we bought caprisun. So, we didn’t know where to hide the alcohol so we went to my car because my parents had taken us there and we entered the car and were talking, but then just after we got in it the car just started and we were moving. After a while we came back to the parking spot and my aunt was there like: your dad is angry and has been looking for you and the car. Then everything turned black and the next thing I remember is being in a supermarket and my mother being like: Did you see your father? He’s so mad at you. Then I noticed my friends were still with me but then we weren’t just 3 girls, we were 2 girls and 1 boy. I then remembered we still had the alcohol at the car and was like: FUCK WE HAVE TO TAKE IT WITH US BEFORE MY DAD SEES IT!