The house

Date: 1/16/2017

By Gabbywalts12

I had a dream that my family moved to a new house but it was a really bland brick house and I was little in my dream. The house was super big and the inside was beautiful Victorian style and when we completely moved in me and my brother got our rooms and there was a huge closet so we started to investigate and we found a hole in the wall, small enough to fit into so i went in. My dream then transformed into being in a movie with a bunch of other kids and it was supposed to be a scary movie so after all the acting and stuff we were done and I walked out the door and I literally walked out the door of my house in my dream and I saw people driving up to check out our neighboring houses but they pulled in the driveway and then looked at my house and then just sped off. Then I saw a red ball in the grass and I started to play with it and I ended up in the road somehow and saw a car coming then I woke up.