Mexico SC

Date: 7/11/2017

By mswdreamer

This dream started as a focus on my move to Charleston. I was entertaining at my house which was near the water. I had this woman visit who was friends with a family that were my neighbors and who i babysat for, the Watts. She told me Austin was now 22, but by my calculations he would have to be almost 30. I find it odd when could do math in my dream. I was driving around and trying to find a small bong to smoke weed from, and I eventually found one. During my search I came across this horrible day care and eventually learned Angela took her kids there. Anyways, this woman that visited me took me on a cruise with her family, they were Mexican. We were going to an undetermined Latin country. When I got on the boat, I ran into my boss from united way, Donna . She remembered me eventually and said " I wondered what happened to you". I found my chair that I was assigned to... apparently there were no rooms... and it was next to a cute Hispanic guy, apparently we were in a relationship. I wanted to touch him but hesitated. We eventually found our way to the bar, we were looked at like we were extreme partiers. We went to dinner with the family and they were toasting in Spanish, basically saying family was the most important thing.