2 Dreams

Date: 6/11/2017

By Big_Dreamer

All I can remember from the first dream is that I'm about to burn some songs onto a disk. Apparently these songs are somehow related to a game I've been playing. Apparently we bought another disk that featured a horribly done cover that also had songs realted to a game I've been playing, but I thought I could do better and create a better disk. So I guess some other stuff happened and then I woke up at 3 in the morning? My other dream invovles me and my family going to an amusement park. I'm pretty sure it has at least five, like most of them, but we go to a swimming pool first. The swimming pool is inside of a building, but it doesn't stay like that for long. We swim for a bit, and at some point the building ceases to exist. I want to go on another ride, more specifically one that has a drop right at the beginning, but my Dad won't let me do so. So I explore for a bit before I go under a bridge and find out that there is a sort of typing game. I call my brother and some other person that I apparently know over to play the game. I suck at it, eventually mashing the keyboard, making the timer go down but making the keys pressed. Then we get to the last part, which I can't really remember but one of us (not me though) finds out a solution to, which is to input some keys to place a log onto the center logs (at the start we would construct a board) to restrain it. I've never beaten the game, which means I never knew what happened next. So we fail twice like this before they wander off. I stay and switch to the "easy quotes" mode. Apparently there aren't any quotes, and it isn't easy either. I remember it asking me to type the letters b, l and o in that order, but I panic and mash the keyboard again. I fail and go elsewhere. I then find another "ride," this being a swing that a person pushes while another is on the ride, and they jump off. I'm alone, and I go back into the non-existent queue line. Apparently you could select a companion, which ended up like a Mii. I pick one and I push him. The first time he just barely goes into the water, and the second time he doesn't hit the water at all. We get some comments from the other people and we both leave. We go onto this other ride which is a miniature train. I casually sit while my Mii constantly wobbles around and falls off. The train is only a foot high, so yeah. And I can remember all of us, but not my Mii, leaving the park with the stars shining (we got there in the night) And at that point, more memories may surface, but this is all I can remember by the time I'm writing this