water park ft tik tok ft hookup with best friend

Date: 8/28/2019

By baixxo

ok so basically our family was at a water park and i went down a slide. then we looked at the slide and there was a bridge to the slide, and the slide had concrete slabs which had numbers on each of the squares. it was like 1-6, where 6 needed to be replaced. so i went up with my sister this time and most of them were a 5 so i was like “em, we need to get off slowly” because if we ran we were pretty sure it was going to break. so we do that and then we go to this other side so we could see it and there were about 10 people on there, so we go to warn them that they should get off before an accident happens. so we had to make signs, but the sign wasn’t super huge so i had to shorten and write as big as i could so i drew an eye and a down arrow, AND THEN THEY RAN AND THE BRIDGE FELL AT A CERTAIN POINT. so someone called 911 and my phone was missing and some girl was holding it and i went over and got my phone back. anyway after we left i was texting my best friend who happened to be a guy, and i went on tik tok in between texts and for some reason this guy on messaged me. like i had no idea who he was and i guess he like.. teleported to me and we began making out or smth but i could only see his bare chest. so he backed away and i saw that it was tomh111 and my sister told me he was only using girls on tik tok for sex so i took a big NOPE out of that conversation and i went back to tik tok. and then i looked at his page so i could block him and i clicked on his video and he was crying while singing something like “why won’t you be my girl” so i block him and stuff AND THEN i text my guy best friend and i was about to tell him about the potential hookup and then for some reason he appears and there was some like “i like like you” realization so we began kissing and he had these bite marks on his collarbone which i’m assuming was from me???