My 2nd lucid dream

Date: 7/6/2019

By arbatagera

At this point I am not dreaming, still in my bed. Then I catch myself thinking about random stuff, so I focus on 1 idea: Soon you will be lucid. Later on after a few tries to go lucid I just wake myself up. Now I say to myself that this is the one and focus on not falling asleep until my body floats away (I dont know how to express that feeling). Once it happened I immediatly told myself that I am dreaming and then that awsome thing happened: my body just sinked in the bed and thats it, I am dreaming. I did a reality check, but my dream started to be black and I was about to wake up, but i asked for more stable and clear dream but it didnt work so i did some hand rubing together and some easy math problems as suggested on internert. So now I am in a lucid dream after few months of pure falure so I was a little excited. I always wanted to have sex in a dream, but in a previous lucid dream (few months ago) I fucked Mia Khalifa and woke up, so I tried to go easy at first this time and dont rise my heart rate in first 10 seconds of the dream. I met my old classmate that I always liked. I said hi and huged her then grabed her ass, she told me to stop and laughed but then i started playing with her titties. We were more or less making out and I told her to come with me. We got into someones house, I took her in my hands and started climbing the stairs. Finaly we reached the top of the building. While we were climbing I fingered her a few times. Now at this point of dream i dont remember a whole lot but I suppose we had sex and I woke up as the time before I told you earlier. I was very exited when I woke up but I didnt give up, I did those steps I told you in the beggining and got into another dream where I was with another girl - my old crush. I was not going to hurt her by sticking my dick into her ass but we kissed like I always wanted. Thats kind of it. I woke up and I was proud of myself, because I FINALY LUCID DREAMT AGAIN!!!