dad, ocean, metro

Date: 11/30/2019

By rembrandt

had a bad dream my dad was really ill, and basically on his deathbed. me and my brother took him to a hospital near the ocean. my dad was angry that i was crying. ian was affected, but you know him he tried to act strong. it was around wilshire and lincoln blvd, i think the hospital might’ve been st monica’s, even tho that’s a school irl. inconclusive, don’t think dad ever died. he got up at one point to get hot cheetos which he ate. for some reason in the dream i always felt like he would stay alive regardless. - okada yukiko’s summer beach was in this dream. also i think she was in it as well, there was like a subplot where she and her friends were trying to find the beach on the metro. they stopped at an underground station, and the water/waves were coming in underground. weird.