Date: 6/3/2019

By dizzzy

I was walking in a line of people around a building. It almost felt like I was on a tour. I had stuck to the guy next to me for the most part, talking to him. He eventually told me he had to go to the bathroom and then I was alone at the front of the line. Fast forward to us waiting to board a plane, and I’m still at the front of the line. But there’s someone sitting in front of me; it’s ben. We make eye contact for a brief moment, and then I turn away and pretend I don’t see him. “Hannah,” I hear him say. I turn and look at him. “Hey,” I said with a smile. There were so many emotions in his expression I can’t even describe it. “What, are you mad at me or something?” he asked. “No, of course not,” I said, still smiling really big. “How are you?”