Baby Drama 🍑

Date: 6/19/2017

By brookethegreat

I was at work at the ice cream shop - I served ice cream to a vampire. Then my friend Nikole posted on Facebook "I've seen babies come and go the vampire way" which... what?? I spent a long time trying to decode that but all I achieved was getting it stuck in my head like a commercial jingle. I went to the mall to shop for cute walking sandals. I was digging through a bin of sandals and I saw one that looked good, but then I pulled it out and it was hideous. I kept walking around the mall and I ended up in my high school cafeteria. I turned around and I was in the locker room. I was a surrogate mother for this couple, my cousin and her husband, but I had lost the baby. I saw the husband in the cafeteria and realized I had to tell him. I didn't know how. I ran away. One of my co-workers, who was my best friend in this dream, came to pick me up. He also had another friend with him. She did not like me. Apparently I had become friends with him when I was pregnant, then I got a crush on him and started acting like we were a couple, and given that I was pregnant and he was gay, it was pretty weird for everyone. His other friend kept making fun of me for that. I had enough, so I got out of the car. Then I had my own car (actually my dad's car, but I was driving it, so there) and I went back to the mall, this time to a different area. From the outside it looked like really pretty colorful townhouses. I went inside and found myself in a museum, in an interactive exhibit about video games. They had games set up everywhere and lots of people were playing. When I was done there I went outside but I couldn't find my car. It was nighttime by now. I walked by a fancy party. My friend called me and I stood outside the party while we talked. He said he was sorry his other friend made fun of me and he didn't want things to be weird between us anymore. We decided to blame the whole crush thing on pregnancy hormones and move on. I went back into the museum and looked at art. I was in a room of small sculptures, mostly glass. There were people very close to me on both sides. The girl on my right was loudly analyzing this sculpture and telling her friend all about how it successfully utilized the elements of design. She was right but she was annoying. The old guy on my left pointed at one sculpture and said to me "look! This one is made entirely of women's butts!"