the death people

Date: 6/27/2017

By Tjika

I was in a mall with a friend. We went into a corridor and the place changed drastically. The floor was covered with black stones, there were no walls anywhere besides behind us where we'd come from. Basically it was like we were outside in a very dark place. We came by a tent. In it people were dancing wildly. They didn't look like regular people, they looked like they were dead, but also like they had never been human, but rather something like demons. They were very frightening and cheerful. For some reason that was a very scary combination. My friend went into the tent, dancing along with those people. They didn't seem to hurt her, do they might not have been so bad, but I didn't dare to follow her. A creepy woman, even creepier than those in the tent, walked up behind me. I saw her coming, but the only way to escape her was to walk into the tent, which I really didn't want to. She walked up behind me and embraced me with both arms. She started singing a very creepy song while rocking me slowly from side to side. I sang along and didn't stop her, because I hoped she'd think I liked it and just leave me be afterwards. That didn't seem to be the case though, so when I realised this would not end well I ran. She followed me immediately as if she knew what I'd truly been thinking all along. I almost got back to the mall where I'd come from, but I knew somehow I would not make it, so I turned around, looked at the woman in the same creepy way she'd looked at me and said: "death" with a low voice and a weird smile on my face. She looked shocked and turned into grey dust.