Mystical Serial killing?

Date: 7/22/2017

By Idontreallyknowher

Don't remember much except that I was in a house like place that was also outside with like no walls? I was among a large group of people & I don't know if I was myself or not. One by one people started getting shot or broken spines or shoved through the ceiling or glass or some awful death, by something or some person that I can't remember at all but I think it some like mystical man or some shit. I remember allot of parents coming after it was all over including my mom, it was like after a school shooting, all the parents were around crying & I remember really well towards the end this one dad came in super sad & his daughter was sitting next to me and he wasn't really relieved to see her because he had lost her brother & sister and she was super upset obviously because she wanted attention/affection from him. I also remember some woman walking around writing checks to families, including my mom but I think my mom gave it back? And then she started dancing & laughing, trying to cheer myself & everyone else up & maybe one or two other people started dancing & most people there were smiling. Then I remember a young boy who had been with us & I think had some sort of magic told us he was going to run a cart (like those old small metal train track carts that they would use on scooby-doo or something) through a huge hole in the nonexistent/invisible wall. The next day maybe or later from that time I saw that he had used a red car instead of the cart (I was watching Nice Guys before bed). But he crashed the car into a tree that was in the space and got himself jammed in the car so people had to help him out & I think he hurt his leg a little. It all felt like there was a huge magical presence though but I just can't remember those parts specifically. Also it wasn't like a nightmare either, because I just wasn't scared.