Computer games and boss fights.

Date: 7/15/2017

By pandaitis

I dreamed that my friend had a computer and if you pressed copy (which in the dream replaced the left shift key) and some other button that I can't remember but it made me think of the bank, a game would come up and you would use a nes duck hunt style gun and shoot at certain people who would be going around a city. Some where walking others in cars. The game was realistic though except when shot the people didn't bleed or anything and nobody reacted to the gun fire but the graphics looked like real life. I also dreamed that I was going through town with my brother. I think this came before the other dream. We were looking for the computer in the city I think. There had been som sort of murders or something around town. The victims may have been our friends. We then got to this weird building with a first story made entirely of glass. Inside the first story was a forest with a little camp with a fire. The tents were made of animal skins. There were skyrim style bandits inside but no door to get in. We got to the second story somehow and there was a boss fight. I was a skeleton and pulled out a scythe. When me and my brother killed the boss he fell through the ground and we couldn't get his weapons or armor. We then saw some old man. I don't remember why but after a while we ended up killing him. Then I was myself again and not a skeleton. we were at a grave yard and we realized that the old man had been "the one who had been peeing on our friends graves." We then brought the computer to our friend and the first dream I talked about soon happened.