Kevin spacey lap dance?

Date: 2/14/2019

By maggotbrain

Dream started out with Kevin spacey coming into my job so I gave him a private dance & he gave me like $1200 & a bag of miscellaneous drugs. After he left, Matthew & friends showed up except it wasn’t him it was a guy that looks exactly like him with a higher voice. I think I was living at work with one of my friends Courtney & she came back with a black panther? I was trying to flirt with his twin & was like “isn’t this so fun?” & he was like “not without my girlfriend.” And I was like “who is that?” & he started to tear up? Then one of his friends came up to me & was like “ur gonna have to fight the panther to be with him,” & idk why but I was like ok bet. Then I was in some pit wrestling with this panther & I broke it’s neck after it bit through my wrist, then I got out & showed matthew my arm like “can u help?” & he just blankly stared at me like he was a robot version of himself, & said “we have to go. NOW.” So we hopped in a car & started zooming down the highway & he was like “ok u have to jump. It’s the only way” Im like nigga what. Then he opened the passenger door & pushed me out.