Injured cat, mean women in jacuzzi

Date: 7/19/2017

By Doodoo

I dreamt i saw a cat with really tight string around its stomach. I crept closer to it so i could undo the string cos it was pulling his stomach in, making him look weird. But i freaked out cos i saw that the string had cut into the skin and bits of his intestines and insides were slipping out. The string was pretty much holding him together. The string looked like lots of dental floss btw. Anyway i figured someone must have done that to the cat. So i got up and rushed to find scissors and some string with needle so i could sow him back together after cutting the string. I found some with black thread and wondered if black would look weird against the cats white fur. I took the stuff back to the cat and saw another orange cat already cutting the strong off of the cat. I held the cat together as the string fell off, and i gave the cat the needle and black thread. He started sowing the cat carefully. They were even talking and stuff but i forgot what they were saying. Then the dream shifted and i was in a jacuzzi outside with lots of people. I was standing up and texting, careful not to drop the phone in the water. I saw a guy i was supposed to go on a date with (in real life) and he was like "oh its andrea" and i was like oh shit he saw me. But he just walked away so it was all good. Then one of the black ladies from the jacuzzi was like "hey! Sit your ass down!" And i was confused cos apparently i had to be sitting to be in the jacuzzi. So i sat down and i was feeling angry and triggered cos the black woman was mean. Then i got out and started looking for a place to change clothes but i couldnt find any. Everyone was using stalls and shit. And i think i was holding some lingerie with my clothes. Then i woke up.