Campus Identities

Date: 7/31/2017

By teerific

Had a dream I was at a campus type place. I kept switching identities, for this scene, I'm myself. I came and met this boy, as soon as I started talking to him, people became meaner, especially the girls. They put me with the pregnant girls on campus thinking we'd done stuff. We went into a building that looked like a Hogwarts classroom. I saw Danny, Jesse, and a couple of others. There was a guy I didn't know, but I knew him in the dream. He was very nice to me. Switch scene, now I'm a divine or something. I had a lady with me, I could tell there was tension, like we wanted to be together. We were walking side by side out of a room, and we heard some people coming, I took a few longer strides and walked normally, she stayed inched behind me. I said, "If this job requires this... i will forfeit it." Switch scene, now I'm a male teacher hanging out in a waterfall. By hanging out, I mean literally. There were two rocks in which I held on to, the whole time I knew I was terrified, but I kept pushing myself to stay there. There were two young boys doing the same. There came a huge wave that knocked the two boys off, I just turned my head down and away, and managed to hold on. After it was over, I climbed over, and there were cars that were about to drive over the waterfall, I kept screaming no. By the time I got out, I had turned into myself, and the whole area was flooded. I ran around, anxious, and it was like an avalanche came, because everything turned to snow. I saw a glimpse of my dad's car and ran towards it, yelling for him. There were cars drowning in the snow. I finally caught up to him, and when he saw me, i started crying. He looked indifferent, like he wasn't worried about the snow. I climbed into the car, and woke up.