Just weird

Date: 2/16/2019

By kizmina

I can’t remember all of it. But where I remember I moved into a new house or something and I found a big cupboard with witchy stuff, a huge altar basically. Eventually I search the cupboards and find knifes, herbs, and some random stuff I can’t remember. I was then trying to protect what was inside as if I desperately hiding it, shortly after I was then trying to fuck the village whore (Lauren, I know her) and someone else, a man I don’t know, and it was basically an orgy. Then later it goes onto a bus where I’m in blankets taking up three fold up seats, around where prams go. A mother is holding her little boy, also in blankets and says “he’s cute, isn’t he?” I then sleep for a bit before the bus stops in a full traffic jam, I wake up and look around. I turn my attention to the book in my hand, holding onto one the poles. Then reading that book I actually have in reality, I read what chapters I’ve already read and then it turns into a Star Trek plot explanation, I’ve never watched Star Trek. Across from me on the bus was my friend Daine, I can’t remember what we spoke about. But he looked incredibly sad, I reached out to him but I never got close to him. I was woken up by my alarm.