Professional Diver

Date: 8/8/2017

By Jadders

I had moved out from home and was living in this one floor house on the water. I wasn't the only one, the whole town was on water. People had to use boats to get around. I however didn't, as I took up diving. I'd be able to go 9 mins holding my breath under water, while swimming with the fishes. I felt like I had been doing it for years. I some how had word that my dad and brother were coming to visit. I put on my wet suit and jumped into the water. I dived down in the water for a fast way of traveling to the shop. Once I got there I brought some bread and coffee. I placed them in to my water resistant bag and got back in the water. Part of the way back to my place my brother spotted me diving in the water. He poked me with a stick to get my attention. As I surfaced I was greeted with an angry dad saying 'why are you not wearing special diving gloves and socks? You could catch something'. I told him I forgot as I was rushing, and we then proceeded to race back to mine. When we got back to mine we walked in my doors to my living room then we were in the market place on the water. Walking around looking for scarves and wolf merchandise.