memory of the old dream

Date: 4/24/2017

By kim336

It started off with being in a building with tons of people. I believe it was like a museum or something. There was only one person that stood out from the crowd and he was holding a camera. I knew he was looking for something interesting, but I didn't know what. I saw him go through these doors, which the public weren't allowed to access. I was allowed to go through these doors. when I went through, I saw him standing there with his camera, staring at a tank with a giant whale swimming. He slowly brought his camera up and took a picture and headed towards his right, into another door. I followed behind him and when I went through the door, he was gone. instead the scenery was more of the old building, dimmed with a yellow glow, and it looked more like a giant mansion or an old fancy hotel. I saw some people there( 2 guys and a girl) , preparing something. It looked like they were setting up to film something.i asked them if they had seen a guy come through here and the woman that was there said yes. She pointed at the old glass doors. I opened the right side and it turns out something blocking the door. One of the man told me to open the other one and so I did. I walked through the door and it got creepier. I was afraid but the 2 man decided to walk me up the stairs. I held onto one of the guy's hand as we walked up. once we got half way up the stairs, I noticed there was a paper on the floor with a picture of a soldier. there were writing talking about that soldier: the name, the year he died, and more details about him. as we go further up the stairs, I saw more pictures and info of other people and it just clicked. One of my old dreams, I was here with my boyfriend at that time and he made all of these to remind everyone and anyone of all the people that had died in this place and had some great things that weren't recognized for. once I reached the top, I saw the man with the camera ( the one I've been following for a long time) was sitting in a chair, crying. He noticed me and said how all of this hit him so hard. I gave him a hug and comfort him as he cried....then the dream was over -______-