Oatmeal Cookies and Zombies

Date: 9/25/2019

By kaden7aubert

I was at my parents house which was my place in the dream. My parents weren’t there. I told my girlfriend that I was going to my friends house. As I’m walking outside, there’s a guy selling oatmeal cookies in a box. But they were special kinds that were like cookie dough with chocolate chips and extra filling. I took them to a see if my girlfriend wanted any. She was saying she definitely didn’t want them, but we were debating if we should try them or not. I end up trying one and tell her how good they are. So she tries one and is convinced of how good they taste. So she tells me to ask how much they are. I peek my head out and ask how much and they guy goes, “$30”. At this point, I know we messed up by even trying them. I was going to give him $2 for each one we tried. So we’re end up driving to his job (don’t know how we knew where he worked) and my girlfriend says she’s going to give the box of cookies to one of his co-workers and leave really quickly. So she does that. By this time, it’s getting late and I’m complaining about how I have to travel to my friend’s house this late. For some reason, she’s like, “you walking?”, and I agree. So she drops me off so she can go home and I end up walking toward my friends house (it would’ve been faster for me to take the car!) At this point, I know he’s about 4-5 miles away but in my head I’m thinking that I have to pass through NYC, even though I’m in Texas. At some point in the walk, it is nighttime and I reach a muddy dirt road, (that I’ve driven on in previous dreams) This time, I’m walking and the pathway is overrun by zombies! Walking Dead type. I naturally make it through the first few waves of herds. Then, I have to hop over a gate with zombies all right behind it. Somehow, I get on top of some wooden boxes, high enough to jump the gate. I jump it and over the zombies, but land on my back. There are a couple of zombies coming after me at this point that I’m on the ground. Someone ended up stabbing the closest one to me in the back of the head, I can’t remember who it was though. From there, I get up to fend for myself. That’s all I remember.