Digital art, A group of friends have a crazy party in the middle of a corn field and end up at a luxurious hotel-like store before having a conversation about the party in the hood of a car, where a hitman dressed as a redneck unexpectedly shows up.

Hitman and crazy ass party

Date: 3/9/2019

By corn002

My and my friends had this crazy party all my friends from school was there and we had beer and a lot of fun but the party would only move in a Square and party was in the middle of a corn Field. and I and at the end of the party we left the party and go into this store Me and my friend Treyson we was about to buy speakers and rayvon almost made me walk out of the Store with the speaker in my hands and go out to the front and the front of it look like a hotel like a million dollar hotel and my cousin van waz there and. This one old black lady and she had a kid with her and thus all in front. And then I was some how at my grandmas house and me and my friends were sitting in a hood of a car talking about the party and then the hit man show but he was dress like a redneck do I decided to fuck with him and I threw a brick at his knee with a Rick he chases me all around my grandma house until like go inside and then I was scared and then I wake up