Several dreams in one night

Date: 3/21/2017

By buggie

So one dream I was with siblings outside in like a huge playground. We were wondering around & battling Pokémon. Another dream I saw my boyfriends mom knee go backwards as she fell in the kitchen & she yelled at me. You were supposed to remind me to wrap up my knee!! Then I gave her Tylenol & a knee brace. Another dream it was me & my brother & it was like our parents were playing favorites. My brother knocked appliances over when he shoved the table because he was mad at me. Mom came in & said dad was asleep to be quit& that was a lie. I helped my brother pick up the stuff even though I was mad at him & yelled at my mom for playing favorites. My in laws let us order new comforters. I wanted this Japanese one that had a cute boy & girl on it. When they came in I went to the room & noticed a different one in there. I asked where the one I ordered was. Boyfriends mom said she put it on my bf little bros bed so him & his fiancé could see it first so they can see if they like it so she can order them one too. Kyle knew it was there & saw it but said I'm not sure when she'll see it she's shy about going in there. I was upset about it because I had chosen that for us & now they wanted to get it for them too & didn't even ask me to borrow it. I was famous I think. We were somewhere in a huge place with a bunch of girls. They were following me. When we went up an elevator some were filling out an application I glanced at it & realized what it said. It had options like escort, alien, and several other once on it. I tried to stop the elevator once I realized this as I tree were going to a room to look at fanwork that I've seen before. Me & one of the girls escorting the group were fighting over the buttons. The elevator stopped briefly on a floor that had sex trafficking on it. It was a sex trafficking group & these girls & me had no idea as most of them spoke another language. A big place. Lots of people. Fight between girls break out. It's bad. The girl whose winning is pregnant grabs a chair. I'm yelling no. Someone stop her. A guy walks up starts yelling at them about how fighting & bullying is wrong. I agreed with him. Next thing I know I'm sitting at a table with girls telling them how it's wrong to bullying or pick on others.