The girl

Date: 8/27/2017

By lewisbridgeman

I am meeting 2 new girls for the first time. They are kind and ask if I want to hang out. We are in a car going down a busy street but it's only me and one of the girls now. We are both in the back sat facing each other with our feet on the middle seat. she is wearing a blue dress. We both smile and laugh with each other. (I think I'm attracted to this girl) Suddenly we are walking down the road instead. She is now wearing a shirt and jeans. (Still looking attractive) We bumped into a couple of friends and they ask her what colour her underwear is. She said she sort of isn't wearing any. I say wait what? See through? She explains that they are bright coloured (I assumed fluorescent which still doesn't explain the sort of isn't part) and that they are her spare pair. She says that she had to give hers to the other girl and that she wouldn't wear any because the other girl likes me but she put her spare pair on because she thought she would like me too. We carry on walking again without the friends we bumped into and start crossing the road at the traffic lights. We are talking about a harry potter convention happening in Hawaii and how I shared a post about going to this event. We both laugh and cross the road. We are about to walk down a road after looking at each other a few times smiling and talking (At this point I'm pretty sure we like each other) when suddenly I come out of some sort of machine that I assume is a simulation creator. I am not happy about this and realise it's a dream I'm in. I was too annoyed to carry it on so forced myself awake.