Mesmerized by obsessions of strange artifacts

Date: 5/29/2017

By wanderingSnake

On a road trip to somewhere in the Australian outback I stop off at a McDonald's for food, they have these weird gummy collectibles shaped like all kinds of things like berries, boxes of crayons or even supposedly famous people. they give you some with each meal you buy.I receive five, I am fascinated but I still need to go somewhere so I leave and continue my journey down long desert roads in my car. The roads are busy but thin out the further I go and the more anxious I become because I know I must go somewhere important but I have forgotten the destination so how will I know I am there if I don't know where there even is. Overcome by my anxiety I take the next turn off to a town hoping they have a McDonald's (a familiar place to rest). They do, I order more food and get more gummy things, I argued with the food server a bit because I didn't want the same ones as last time (if your going to collect these things might as well not have double ups). Things got strange the fast food joint began to warp and expand into a palace of music and cinema crowded with people celebrating music and all forms of art. I join in. I find a large rug with a strange symbol on it, the same as some on banners hung on a balcony that formed in the new building I go up stairs with it to see if the people there knew what it meant. Through the people I struggle to get up there. At last I arrive in a shadowed and secluded lounge with soft yellow lamps,red carpets and all manner of film and sound equipment. This place was crowded to with much quieter students listening to a teacher and working on their art. I discover that no one knows what the mat is or dose until I lay it flat on the ground the image on the fabric warps and changes mesmerizingly fascinated I place my palms upon it for it to conger up sound, to find it changes by the way I move my palms across it. I make music! Strange and beautiful music, enraptured I play the fabric instrument for hours the party down stairs delighted continue the festivities to its sound and the students continue their work to its tune. The more I play the more inspired and alive they become. Even as I am awake I can hear the unearthly tattoo of the drumbeats and the low growl of a male singer like a weird dubstep remix of electronic music and tribal songs. Sadly it's fading and I am not a musician so it's sound will be lost forever.