Everyone's A Character

Date: 4/24/2017

By Fitful

There was a man who was working with me or taking care of me. I often was kidnapped. He came to the school with me and had a locker there, I think it was a school for adults. Someone came up behind him and he threatened me, he was a really bad dude from the man's past, like an assassin but worse. The man was so threatened he used his power to take the dude from reality. Literally just blink and the dude was gone. The man was upset he had to use his power. Whenever he did he saw himself dead; it was like a premonition but it manifested like a ghost for a minute. He knew he'd be shot saving someone in the future, and that would be how he died. But it just showed the man in pain everytime he used his power. I was the man for a moment, after he got upset, and I walked up and gave his future ghost a hug. I recognized this as real and as a famous movie. ——— This one startled me so bad I woke up. I was watching my dreams, like they were television, just bliss floating and watching them with my eyes as they flicked by. The TV was this wooden thing, with no bones or glass inside it, an old fashion bubble TV replica but empty, and the images flashed on it. Suddenly the image of my Nana weaving with a really long needle. It was her alright, and she spoke said my name. There was a come hither impression beneath the call. It was so scary, the way she said my name. It was like it was watery and static at the same time. I did wake up really really startled. But fell back to sleep cause I was so tired. ——— I was with this really pretty blonde girl. She was actress, gorgeous and hitting on me. It was a treasure hunt of sorts, except you had to learn magick on the way. She was teaching me how to fix this brick wall into window panes in the time allotted. I managed it and she was impressed. I think i was near the end of the game, which was to find a date. She asked me what stickers on her back were female's. Every player in the game had a number and those interested in you put theirs on your back. Hers was covered in stickers and she was ripping off the male ones. I was trying to help her, at her instsistance, find a female one. I found a few but they were unacceptable. She was gearing up to seduce me right there, we both knew it. I was feigning ignorance out of nervousness. I keep her at hands length. Suddenly she turns walks into a wall and stays in the stone which comes up half way. She is a ghost. I thought she was a vampire actress, she says a Vampire killed her and now is her while she is a ghost. It made sense and she starts monologuing about gaining a real body and taking over the world, then begins to possess a mannequin. I flee using her tricks to get away. They work too, the stuff she showed me with the wall. I exist out of that building fast ——— I'm in a therapist's office having a hypnosis session. The woman hypnotizing me is the real deal. I lose time and see things. I think it must be better than psychodelics, the patterns revolving remind me of people's descriptions of lsd. I think I have a premonition involving pink mittens. Yes three powder pink gloves in three different sizes. And a few other premonitions. Then the therapist has a woman come into the room to be my mother whom I profess to miss. But she is this little old black lady instead. I'm supposed to be hypnotized to see my mother, but I see the real lady. She is a little decrepit, missing teeth, and creepy. I try and be polite saying she really reminds me of my friend Antoinette instead, even tho my friend is not this creepy. She comes and takes me in her arms and sits on my lap. She's barely waring anything, just boy shorts and a tank top. She has me kiss her breast or she kisses mine. It's very unnerving. ——— I'm in the grocery store to buy one thing, but I see these amazing heavy stone or metal rings hanging as curious items. The scarabs first draw me in, I've been wanting a scarab ring I tell myself. I see a ring with a child's pink bed on it and I want it so bad. It's $4.95 and I'm on a budget but I decide to get it and eat less next week. Since I already caved on my budget I grab a bag of chips and a soda, even tho I know it's sugar I think I want just one. I go to check out at the back register and there is a McDonald's dollar menu guy waving me over to check out at. I go over and he is insistent on giving me everything I need. He brushes away a loose eyelash hanging from my eyelashes. I ask for hamburger but clarify it needs to be vegan because I'm vegan. The other guy says they only take cash, but the guy who waved me over insists on letting me pay with my card. I put the few items I want on the counter and I dig through my wallet. I end up not being able to find the card and looking through every card in it, and pulling them all out, before finding my card and giving it to them to process. I apologize and suddenly I'm gathering up white paperwork marked with a yellow highlighter, rather than cards for my wallet. I drop this one which is fully yellow and I pink it up and read a bit, it seems to say something about money and my heart leaps because I wonder if this means I will be getting a windfall or inheritance. I really need it since I have so little in the bank. ——— A girl I'm with, it might be the same from the actress/vampire/ghost scene takes me out of her way to visit a older couple who have dogs. The older couple, I only encounter the wife, is very down to earth and keen. They have dogs running everywhere. And cats too. Sometimes I confuse the two. The woman takes to me and invites me to work at her dog rescue facility. I am reminded by the girl I have an appointment, a doctor's appointment. I intend to cancel it so I linger. While we chat, me and the older woman, the girl puts out hints she's a lesbian and wants to be with me making little comments trying to convince me to give her a chance. We all watch a movie the girl made on minecraft, it is a real movie she plays inside on this block machine. The older woman claims this girl is very talented. I linger petting cats, this one is mahogany brown with black socks and tail and ear tips. The color is so rich it's a wonder it's not a horse. There are kittens of every kind and size and tons of cats. I don't see any dogs but I know the woman has just as many. It's a rehabilitation place they own. I am really comfortable here, but also tripping over own tongue out of social awkwardness. I see a sewing machine which looks a bit like a television too. The older woman flips it over and it's a furnace. She balances it on a corner of raised floor and says she doesn't know which way to lay it. They can't remember how it heat the room. I feel confused because winter was just gone and it's cold today but not as cold as it was during the winter. I wonder why they didn't use it before and if they had been on vacation. They remind me of my grandparents and I am a bit home sick. I say so and the older woman tells me to call or pay my grandmother a visit. I say no, we're estranged. The guy I came with, apparently the girl left and now is a guy, expresses impatience. We've already missed my doctor's appointment I don't know why he's so impatient. Finally I decide to leave but at the last minute I tell the older woman I will join her dog rescue facility. She's surprised. I finally tear myself away from the comfortable place and we leave. The man immediately crashes into a car parked in the drive way. He bitches about his Porsche. I wonder where the girl went.