Good times with my Shelley girl

Date: 7/14/2019

By GypsyHippie29

I was in rehab again, I think it was supposed to be gateway I guess but we were having a party and we’re allowed to have visitors and Shelley came to visit me and she brought me 3-4 bottles of my fave Rebel sparkly Victoria Secret body spray and a dark hot pink and black VS hair spray can also as s gift since I was in rehab and wasn’t able to go shopping for myself. So sweet! And even though I was in rehab everyone was drinking even me and Shelley and we got drunk and we were being our goofy crazy selves and we were dancing to music and she randomly kissed me because she was scared that she wouldn’t ever see me again bc she thought I wasn’t going to stay clean I guess or she knew I was moving after rehab. She told me she will always love me and always be there for me and always be my big sister. After we danced and partied a little bit we laid on my bed and watched a movie that was projected on the wall so everyone could see it from their beds. Shelley was tired and she just cuddled up with me and laid on top of me lol wtf and after the movie she had to pee but the bathrooms were disgusting bc the girls who were supposed to clean them that day did not so I ended up having to hold her up over the toilet as she pissed and I got it in my mouth!!! 🤮🤣🤣🤣 doin after that Shelley and I were getting ready to leave to go out to an early breakfast around 4:30am so she could get back home before work so she could nap before work. But she was a little tipsy still so when she left the building to grab her car and I finished getting ready the security officer came to get me and said that Shelley was stuck in the entrance doors and was laying on the ground? I was like omg wtf and I grabbed my shit and ran with the officer to where she was and in my dream Shelley was on the ground and was holding her legs weird and then turned into a small toy car 🚗 hahah Idk wtf was going on and she then saw me and started letting her legs down and turning back to normal and was like “oh hey, I uh, came out here and forgot my keys on ur bed and I turned around and I slipped and I uh fell, yeah I fell lmao 🤣 “ hahaha 🤦‍♀️ I was like girl what am I gonna do with you? So we went back to the room and she got her keys off my bed and I realized that 2 of my spray bottles were gone and so did Shelley and she was like did you bring some with you cuz I have more stuff for you in my car and I was like um I only put one in my bag so we figured some girl stole the other one that was missing. I was like I was going to put them away in my safe but I heard u fell before I could do that. Lol So Shelley was like alright, do people usually steal from each other around here. I’m like uh yeah we’re a bunch of addicts 🤦‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️ so she went to each girl and investigated the bitches and smelled the spray on this one bitch and grabbed her by the shirt and threatened to beat her ass and the girl was like I could take you and I was like girl I wouldn’t she’s a heavy weight lifter for fun and could fuckin crush u in an instant before you take your first punch... jus sayin’ the girl was like well I doubt that.. and Shelley was like, you wanna try me?? Go ahead I’ll even let you have the first punch. So the girl goes to punch her in the stomach and Shelley grabs her by the wrist and the arm and fucking flips this bitch onto her back. 🤣🤣🤣 But then the fucking Addiction Counselor shows up with the security officers and asks if there’s a problem and the girls friends start to say that Shelley beat her up and I stood up for Shelley and I was like um how bout we tell them the fucking truth unless y’all want the same thing to happen to y’all later 🤨 Then they ask me what happened and I said that the one girl had apparently stolen one or two of my body sprays that I had just gotten from Shelley and I was going to put them in my safe before I left the room but I ran over to the front door with this same officer when I had heard that Shelley had fallen in the main corridor after she locked her self out bc she forgot her keys so we came back here and she and I realized I had 2 bottles missing and so Shelley wanted to stand up for me because I’ve gotten my shit stolen a lot from esp those girls and Shelley smelled the specific spray on the girl and the girl tried to punch Shelley in the stomach and I told her not to go up against Shelley and Shelley warned her too and she didn’t listen. So the counselor went over and looked thru the girls bag and found the body spray and said I faintly remember that you aren’t allowed to have these sprays in your possession unless we have them in our office for you to spray on yourself in there only. So the girl gets in trouble and gets sent to the isolation room and she tells me on the way out that I’m dead meat when she gets out and I was like don’t bet on that because the isolation room is right next to the guys section right over by my husband’s dorm so he’ll be hearing about this incident for sure so bite me. And Shelley said she’ll be back for her when she’s out. And the counselor was like oh don’t worry this gem will be spending the remaining of her time in isolation till her 90 days is up. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we were all like well then Bye Felicia!! ✌️✌️✌️👋 I then got my sprays back and I put them all but 2 in my safe and I changed the code with Shelley blocking me with a big blanket. Then Shelley decides instead of going home she was going to cancel her 3 appointments she had for that Sunday and spend the morning afternoon with me and take me out to lunch later and since she could only stay till 4am she signed me out and I called Phil to let him know I was leaving with Shelley to go to a hotel for the rest of the morning afternoon. Then we got to the hotel and slept and The only other parts I remember are us dancing again to music drinking at the bar downstairs at the hotel and her being drunk and kissing my neck lol and then me carrying her up to our room and then us sleeping in the bed and her cuddling up with me again even though we were on a bigger bed than the one I had at rehab lol then I woke up lmao 😂 🤣🤣💕🤣