double dream

Date: 2/25/2017

By apocalypse

My first dream I was at this high end party somewhere and once again I was being chased by a security guard for no apparent reason I was caught a few times but managed to escape while I wasn't running I met a prince of someplace and I was offered a drink. Once the party was over we on our way home in a large van and my mom showed up and told me I had to go with a boy scout group to Korea I refused and ran. All of the sudden I was in another van with kids a little younger than I was and there was a baby that I had to take care of. That's all I remember of the first dream. I woke up then went back to sleep. The second I was at my high school and it was lunch time so I went to lunch with my friend but instead of a regular lunch there was a fancy buffet but it was only for seniors me and my friend sat down at a table we don't usually go and we're forced to eat disgusting school food while we watched the seniors eat. Another one of my friends showed up and we talked about business ideas. That's about all I remember.