Date: 1/25/2017

By ciaraqueen69

well, I had a dream. weird one I should say, so in my dream I stole a dildo, and later on I turned myself in and the cop ended up paying for it feeling bad at how remorse I was... I had to be evicted because the store and the apartment were connected. so it was the deal if he payed id leave, so I left. two years later I joined this army camp and I was in front of everyone, hell my level of being a ninja was strong, I lifted the most. jumped over and through most, I even fought harder then everyone. so this test came up and you have to be dragged on a rope as a boat (looks like a canoe) and you had to drag yourself up the rope to the end of the boat, jump in and sit in a chair. so of course I get to the back of the boat first and I get in then I get a flash back of my past seeing the man who bought that dildo for me... I fell out the boat, hitting my head on a rock, giving my self brain damage not being able to move. talk. just.. was terrible. I always typed to everyone to let me die, this was too much and they just made me life... like I had to live with the fact I stole a dildo and a cop payed for it. ugh it was so weird.