Eagle vs Wolf

Date: 4/13/2017

By LadyVara

I was a warrior, half eagle half human. I was the power symbol in the group of symbols (drew it in notes). I was at the base when a were wolf came in. "I am Victoria's father, and have come to claim her." I knew that her father was dead so I took him to my cave and questioned him. There was a lake in it, and vines draping from the entrance. The wolf standing on two legs wearing full body armor said "So, you are the power symbol." An image crashes through my mind of me, in my eagle form wearing my armor and weapons underneath the vines. I drew out my sword and drew the symbol in the air, which left a bright green trail of color behind my katana so you could clearly see the symbol. My eagle form was like a giant human sized bird, but I stood and walked like a human. As I return back to reality, I shudder as this wolf lunges for me. I block his blow with my elbow, and try to push him back. I then realized my strength was vanishing. "No! I am fading. This cannot be," I say and the wolf smirks. He then raises his paw to hit me when I wake up.