Lots of bits

Date: 8/17/2019

By Friesandnuggets

I was on the Isle of Wight with my family. We were all stood on a sandy path quite high up. A very low and small plane flies past us, picks up a young woman turns around and flies back. Then a man with a boat sails up to us (river below) and offered to take someone on a journey round the island. None of us wanted to so a girl that looked like Billie Eilish went. She sat in a smaller boat attached by string to the big boat. It looked like a very bumpy ride but she was insisting to just listen to nature or something. The boat was literally jumping out of the water quite violently. - Then we’re at dinner and I’m sitting next to this guy I don’t know but he looks a year or two younger than me. (B). All my family are there and they say they’re going to do something (can’t remember). I talk to this kid for ages and eventually we both wonder about where everyone else is. I see that they have all come back but sat at a separate table. I confronted my mum because I was upset and she asks if she told me where they were going to go. I said no and she told me that she didn’t know that. I sat back with them and it was fine. - Now I’m at my 2 old friends’ house (Y and J), but on the inside it’s the exact same as my house. I’m in the kitchen and their dad is stood in the corner by the computer and their mum is on the sofa watching TV. I choose to stay in the kitchen because irl the mum is very chatty. I see on the washing machine a packet of my favourite biscuits, and I’m hungry. I want to take one but I’m scared of what the dad will say as I didn’t ask him. I keep staring at them and quickly checking to see if he’s moved or is doing something. He never is so I just take a deep breath and take one. I walk to the microwave and as I’m chewing it realise it’s very dry and almost cake-like. I assume they’d been left out for ages and I regret ever taking one. - Then I’m at school. They’ve built a big path up to where the library should be? It’s grey metal and starts from the middle of the path I walk in by. When you’re on it there’s grey carpet and glass on either side. My dream cut before I saw what it was like inside, but there was loads of people on the ramp and I was scared it would break.