Upstream Jet Ski, BS Alternative School, Library for Sale

Date: 5/10/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was in a hilly land full of shallow streams that were all about as wide as a road. It was in the middle of a town and mainly all concrete. I had a jet ski that would show up randomly to pick me up, seemingly at will, on the edge of a stream. It took me upstream with ease, but I had to be careful where I was going. It was like a maze and I had to make fast decisions. I felt sort of whimsical about it despite the dangers. I took a few turns up a few hills surrounded in buildings, and was suddenly paused in an apartment my sister was living in. It was open concept and the stream was running right through the middle of it. It smelled like a sewage treatment plant was nearby. My sister started singing a song to me about "Happy Seagulls", and I knew she was singing a warning song to me about how dangerously close I was to ending up in a sewage treatment plant, because in this world seagulls swarmed them like they do land fills irl. I took heed of her warning but had to keep going. 2: This might have been part of the last dream. I happened past a large stone bench that made a half-circle. There was a male teacher sitting on it with several high school aged students. He was sitting off to the left of them and lecturing them about something. There was a plaque on the front of the bench that said "Alternative School of Quantum Paper Generating". I thought wow, a school that seems to be openly bullshit. Paper Generating? As in having the internet generate a paper for you? I thought the inclusion of the word "quantum" was brilliant also, since it is so often used to sell things and it has absolutely no meaning in that capacity. 3: I was in a library that was part of a larger building. It was a good sized library, and I'd been going there since I was a kid. A sign inside near the exit said it was on sale for $50. I was with Jeff and wanting to impulsively buy it. $50, really? I've got that in checking right now. The head librarian had worked there and known me since I was a kid also. I think irl she was my elementary school counselor. I talked with her and Jeff out in the hall about it. "Maybe I'll just work in there. I don't need a special degree because it'll be my library and I can hire whoever I want. Maybe I'll just sell it for a huge profit." The librarian didn't seem happy with my ideas, and wanted me to not buy the library. Eventually I deferred to her and didn't do it.