essay, moon, death

Date: 8/2/2017

By rembrandt

I had a dream that I was in a classroom from my Uni, but the professor was not one that I had before. We had to turn in a final essay, and while I wrote mine; I forgot to type it up so I was trying to explain the situation to my prof but she wouldn't have it and said that's fine just turn in the handwritten one. Problem is, that it was an unfinished draft. Later, my mom helped me make a diversion to get the professor to let me type it up before I turned it in. But when I tried to get to my school's library to type, it started raining, and I also forgot my ID, but I think I was still able to get in because I told the librarian my ID number. Another dream last night, was a completely different continuity and has something to do with the anime "Please Save My Earth". We were all on the moon trying to find clues that fit together, and each piece fit together. Someone made popcorn. I think we were trying to figure out how to stop the virus from infecting us, or maybe just to understand our situation. I remember this dream was really interesting, like I wanted to know what would happen next. In another continuity, there was a murder of some girl, and an organization (a well known one, I can't remember which) dropped off the body at the morgue, who was the girl? It was someone I can't remember. It was big news, probably national news. Everyone was talking about it. She was blonde and pretty, I saw her body lying on the floor. I was not afraid, only curious. They had been searching for her since she went missing, but she was killed. End.