Survival game 3

Date: 7/6/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We were in a city made of all buildings with just one floor, completely built out of wood, it was full of monsters of all sorts and sizes, looked a little bit like those western cities you see in movies but with just a little bit of space between one building and the other. I was at times the female character and at times the male. When I was the female I remember running towards something on a very dangerous path. I hurt myself and I could feel the wounds burn. When I was a male I remember I had been able to seduce the female and I wanted to have sex with her. But I was a total loser, I was quite bad at killing the monsters and I was asking everyone suggestions about it and so on. When they hurt you in the game you'd feel the pain just as much as in real life. It's really bad and dangerous.