Digital art, She glanced up from her test for a moment to find the teacher had begun to show movie clips that seemed to be connected to the questions, and she had to frantically try to finish her test before anyone noticed.

Obama is Bigfoot

Date: 8/5/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I was in one of my old hs classrooms taking a really long multiple choice test. I assumed that I would have plenty of time, so spent a long time tracing over all the letters in all the questions just because. Of course, time is up and I've only made it through about 5/50 questions. The teacher starts to go over the questions while showing us movie clips for each one. While he does, I furiously try to fill in the rest of my answers without anyone seeing me. Turns out that all the questions were connected and the clips were part of the teacher's conspiracy theory that had something to do with Obama secretly being Bigfoot in disguise.