Tom Holland??

Date: 8/5/2017

By lesbolivia

had a dream that tom holland and i and a lot of others were at a camp in rural america (ive never been outside europe) and we were watching movies in the camp house building and then there was an ad or smth that said girls dont realize how pretty they are bla bla (i dont like this what makes you beautiful philosophy) and tom holland kept looking really fondly at me? and when i turned to him he got really flustered and turned away and then i found a tumblr post with photos of him sort of tucking me in and shit? like being super sweet exactly how youd expect him to be? also there was an art tutorial on how to draw blushing tom holland. then he left or w/e so i went around and found a lady in a pastry shop who was his "manager" and basically i was trying to find him and get together with tom holland which was weird bc im a giant fucking lesbian