Saudi Hyatt

Date: 4/29/2017

By guido38

It started out at this really nice hotel or an inn . Some of the fixtures were solid gold . The paintings looked like they were from the 18th century . The room I was in was open on the sides somewhat you know how there are those places with retractable walls they pretty much just slide depending on the place. So I was in this hotel and looked outside at first I though it was on the beach then I looked closer and it was actually in the desert . The sun was going down . And you know at night time they didn't keep on lights they turned them off . So here I am it's dark but just a little light so I can see and move around . I heard this chick in the next room that sounded kind of like my friend from Facebook . The dude she was with must of gotten lucky because I heard her go I WANT ALL YOUR CUM ! But it wasn't demanding it was in mid stroke I think . So I left the room and looked around didn't really see much except this dude who looked like a traveler . He kept a certain stare like he was searching for something . He even smelled and looked like he had been digging all day . He didn't say anything to me and I just kept walking .