Wild Wild Wet?? Inception af

Date: 4/25/2017

By dianalex

Okay so it's already 5pm and most of the dream has faded from my memory but this is what I remember. WWW was holding a free day, so like we could all get in for free, and I was there with Aaron, Andy, Mikael and one more guy whom I don't remember. Idk it was weird I was there with them and Aaron and Andy were both just talking to me and there was tension and I wanted Aaron but I knew I shouldn't. Then we reached and i realised I didn't have a swimsuit so we went into this market (those neighbourhood shop type of thing) and looked for one, but it turns out I did have a bikini on and I just didn't have boobs. So weird, I know. Then I woke up in my dream and I was with Aaron and Andy and 2 other guys whom I don't remember and then I was like guys I had this dream about you and Mikael was also there. There was more but I don't remember anymore.