Virus attends to school

Date: 7/20/2019

By sandsnoozer

I’m not sure whether this was two dreams in one but they seem to be very connected. The first half of the dream was when I was in a random science lab with an experiment gone wrong. The experiment was this odd black goop that was infecting everyone. Every time the goop infected people they immediately died on the spot. Apparently the goop was created by an unknown person, or something. In the next half of the dream I was at my older sisters school... well not exactly, the school was completely random and was not my older sisters school but in the dream it was. Oh, also let’s just call my older sister OS as in O=older and S=sister. So I was at the school for one reason and that reason was to warn my OS about the goop. My sister in an annoying tone said “ yeah, yeah, I’ll be safe.” I was really worried about her cause since all of you don’t know but I’m yet to tell the difference between a dream and reality. So if my sister dies I would wake up crying. As I was still warning my OS she turns around and says something odd. “You might be worried about me but I’m more worried about you! You and that weird friend of yours. You should really stay away from him.” Friends? I don’t remember having any male friends so I was very confused. Then suddenly an arm reaches over me and grabs me by my left shoulder. I swiftly turn around and I witness a slightly taller yet young boy around the same age as me ( I’m 12 but that’s only cause I’m born in December. Which means the boy is 13). But the thing is, is that this boy guy isn’t a stranger, I actually know him, he is the same guy who usually shows up in my dreams. It was my fictional crush 😓. LITERALLY THIS GUY IS ALWAYS IM MY DREAMS! And his name is Enma 😓😓😓. So he has his arm around and just by the look of my OS’s face when Enma showed up I KNEW he was the weird friend of mine. So me and Enma walk off while my OS is glaring at us. “ so what’s up with you?” Said enma. I was a bit confused so I just reapplied with “ nothing much dude what’s up with you?” And he led me somewhere alone... “Actually I have a secret to tell you.” Said Enma as he pulls me over to whisper the secret in my ear. In a loud enough to hear whispering voice he said “ I was the one who released the deadly gloop in the lab.” To be honest I’m not surprised he did that. In every dream he’s in he does something crazy and I’m the only one who gets it. That where the dream ended thought so I hope you enjoyed 😊😊😊 Ps: since this is my first post🥳🥳🥳 I want to tell you a bit about my self Gender: 🚺 Age: 12 Birth: dec 1 Hope the dream wasn’t too long 👍🏽