Sometimes the fire isn't being put to good use.

Date: 8/5/2019

By Fitful

I'm going to this school and this king, my father, loses something every time he tries to do this unwind spell. We live the same school experience over again, each day compared side by side, minute by minute to the previous. It's interesting to see the differences, certain kids I experienced them grow up and graduate are now child size again. I, and another, stop the surges of magic through time to electrocute others and the electronics, and the time stream, and everything by plunging arms turned into crystal swords into the walls. We diverted this spell energy away from important systems. Still he keeps attempting the spell. He is desperate to re gain what he lost. What he lost was this. He has dozens of daughters, maybe dozens of dozens, all strewn across several demensions. He keeps trying to change the past so he can bring them all into the same demensions, his, to be with him. But he's caught by a higher authority and has to stop, all his daughters are recalled to their previous demensions, all but three which he gets to keep. I have to go, me and the boy I've been working with. I hang up my Slytherin belt in the library/garbage room feeling defeated. He throws something away, a book I think. I basically hide my belt until I come back. I will never stop being a Slytherin. ~ I'm cooking nothing on the stove while I think about pets and grocery shopping. I'm in my girlfriend's apartment and I notice all the groceries I've bought her are still there. I basically began buying her groceries every month since we met, mostly because I wanted her to drink pureed squash. I also got something important thing out of doing so, but she never ate any of the food and rarely drank the pureed squash. I was only slightly disappointed, the pleasure came from providing. I thought about it and realized she must order out each time she ate, as she never did grocery shopping either. Maybe I should stop? I found a coupon for $5 off anything, and the atm machine spit out several hundred of them at me from the machine. The ticker on the screen showed for every $5 I got the bank, or somebody, got $75 but I kept adding and it kept giving me $5 coupons in little white papers. It spit them out so fast and hard they flew under the fridge. I was happy. I would be able to buy that really expensive item I wanted now. The card I used in the atm looked like a large yellow cassette tape, or maybe a Nintendo game. The nothing I was not cooking on the stove ended in disaster. I had left a napkin on the stove, a red one, and oil had got on it. I was trying to cook onto that napkin and suddenly the stove caught on fire. Knowing oil couldn't be put out with water I tried towels, trying to smother the flame but it kept catching each time I did. It took a lot to get that fire out, I destroyed three brand new white towels and a bunch of white napkins trying. Just as I thought I'd have to call 911 I did get it out. The little glowing embers died away slowly.