Date: 4/4/2017

By naturegirl101k

I was with my parents and my brother me and my brother went to sleep and woke up to a giant labyrinth fort. We were very confused but decided to travel through it. The fort was very dangerous it had things like secret passageways, poison darts, and heat controlled rooms. Me and my brother finally got to the end to find my parents waiting with smiles. They were proud of us saying this was the most fun they had had since we were kids. Then they said we had to take it down I objected but they left me alone. As they traveled back to the front of the fort to start deconstruction they said it took them a half an hour to build. I asked them how it was possible and they said "dead babies". I was very confused and scared asking what they meant. They said it was the only way to make it so quickly. Then the dream jumped to the last part that I don't remember to much but there were two people that tried to run over me but I hid between two other cars in this parking garage and narrowly avoided death. I was saved and put on a cot. That's all I remember of it. Key words: Maze Parking lot Poison Car Crash