Date: 4/2/2017

By tiptipkitten

I don't remember much but I'm going to start with I had a friend. He was always the calm composed and smart one and with him he kept a journal of sorts. One day he left it near me and so I picked it up and read the first page. It had neat handwriting that explained a theory that involves the blood moon and the world ending Memory fuzz The friend was being chased down by bunch of people because apparently he did something bad that I can't remember. Anyway we ended up at the docks with a huge boat. For some reason he had the biggest smile I had ever seen on him before (it was a creepy one). We had him cornered with some people carrying guns. We backed him up till he was at the edge of the dock and still he retained that horrible smile. then someone said that they needed that journal. I told them I know some of the first page. I was ignored. The friend reached into his pocket like he had a gun so a few people with guns pointed at him readied them and said "don't draw it". But what he pulled out was a bag of chips. Everyone was confused. He tilted his head to the and said "what. Did you think I was going to try and take on all of you? Please" he acted as if were the craziest thing in the world and he was the only one smart enough to correct everyone.Out of nowhere he ran amazingly fast to a nearby car. A few people shot at him but they all missed. He got in and surprisingly he put it in reverse and drove off the edge of the dock..... still smiling as he sunk to the bottom New dream My family was putting on a play and I was asked to hand out flyers. Me being a person that doesn't like to talk to new people was surprised when I was handling it ok. A few people took it and some others looked like I made them mad. I passed out to guy that had a nice suit on he went on to nicely explain how to properly do it. I woke up