Ex bffs

Date: 3/24/2019

By mrelectricheslying

i had a dream about getting ready for cheer comp (i was in cheer since i was little all the way to senior year of high school but i’m in college now so idk why i’m dreaming of this now anyways) so we were getting ready for cheer comp and my ex bff and me were cool with each other? like we were talking a lot like if we were best friends again (we don’t like each other anymore so this is weird) and it felt real and i was wondering wtf was up with us? then my ex guy bestfriend that i use to like was there and he was talking to me like nothing? and we don’t talk anymore bc his gf doesn’t like me and she blocked me idk why so we were talking and idk it just felt normal? like it felt good that i was talking to them again? But i don’t like my ex girl bestfriend anymore but i really don’t understand why i enjoyed talking to her in my dream which is really confusing to me. So if any of y’all may know why I’m dreaming about them if y’all can comment and let me know thank you (: