Kept Prisoner in my own "Home"

Date: 1/31/2019

By CosmicWanderer

Summary: I had somehow stumbled upon a building that looked exactly like my house and got teleported inside. Then I got held prisoner by this strange guy with magical power (i think his name was "Larry"). Me and the other guy he was holding prisoner (i think his name was "Whiskey") tried to escape many times but only one succeded untill the Larry caught up with us and held us captive again. Whiskey who i was being held captive with had been in the room for much much longer than i had, and had seemed to have given up hope on trying to escape anymore. Noteworty moments in this dream: #1 Failed escape attempt We try to escape by going up to the window and beckoning the neighbors to come over we manged to get them looking at us but they couldn't understand what we were trying to say so i made the fatal mistake of yelling out "HELP" to them. Most of the neighbors heard what i had said and had come to investigate what was going on, but Larry heard too and started making his way into the room, so me and Whiskey made a run out of the room and out of the front door. When we made our way oudside we ran straight to the neighbours for protection. Larry made his way outside and made a B line straight for us. The neighbour who was protecting us grabbed a shovel and tried to give Larry who was coming for us a good whack on the head but then all of a sudden POOF All of the neigbours who were protecting us suddenly disapeared into a big show of fireworks. Me and the Whiskey bolted into the car that was parked in front of our house and tried to start it but it wouldn't start. Larry started slowly walking towards towards us looking angrier then ever and started morphing into something (Which we never knew he could do) so we tried to hide in the backseat. When Larry made his way over to the car i peaked out from the backseat to try and see what he had morphed into, and low and behold Larry had morphed into GOD DAMN HITLER! I quickly put my head down and then larry finally sees me and pulls me by my collar and drags me out of the car (all while shouting words at me in german) and throws me and Whiskey back in the room and slams the door. #2 Kinda successfull escape attempt Whiskey and i decide that we are fed up with all this letting ourselve be held captive nonsense so we decide we'll give it one last shot to try and escape. This time we keep the plan simple and decide we are gonna make a run for the car in the middle of the night. So we wait untill it reaches midnight and sneak out the room then sneak out the front door and bolt for the car out front, i jump in the front seat and start trying to hotwire the car (Which i have never done before), and by some random stroke of luck i get the car started and floor it all the way down the street. We make our way to the town and Whiskey starts crying and talking about how he hasn't seen his family in so long. Whiskey asks to be dropped off at his family home and agrees to be picked up after i've gotten food (Since we agreed it's best if we stay on the run) so i go get food come back to pick Whiskey up and everythings going along fine. We make our way out of town and onto the highway we keep driving for hours on end and we both are insanely tired so we decide to pull over and take a nap in the car. Then all of a sudden i feel a finger tapping on my shoulder and i look up to see a familiar roof and i suddenlg realise we're back in the SAME ROOM i look over to see Whiskey sitting down crying and muttering "We were just on the highway how the hell did we end up back here?!" And thats really all i remember from last nights dream. Definitly not the best dream i've ever had!