Exploring space

Date: 8/26/2017

By Juliaaramini

I was talking to a kid in my chemistry class that I met yesterday irl. We were in my 6th grade science classroom but it was still chemistry class. The kid (I forgot his name and I met him yesterday jfc) turned to me and said well it was nice to actually meet you and talk to you yesterday and I said you too and then I went back to listening to the teacher and then he turned to me and was like hey would you ever go to space and another kid named Ethan joined the conversation. For some reason we hadn't gone to space yet and there was no proof of debris orbiting our planet, so no one believed in it. I answered his question with haha I'd love to but I would be scared of the space debris and he and Ethan started laughing and they're like space debris isn't real and I was like haha you're probably right but little did they know my hydroflask had been to space somehow and was super beat up from the rocks floating around up there.