The Soup Sandwich

Date: 4/14/2017

By Memoireb

(I think there is much more in the beginning, but I just don't remember. ) For some reason, I was cosplaying as Bel? The costume didn't even look like it, but in my mind I have BECOME bell. (From the bauty and the beast) -More dream I don't remember- Then I saw my mum was cosplaying as Ursula, and she had a dress that could become a tent? -more random dream- Suddenly I was looking at Percy Jackson swim in a river saving a baby doll. -more random stuff- Then I was eating a sandwich, but It was a soup sandwich. (makes sence in the dream.) While I was eating the soup (drinking?) I found some bugs in it, but I continued eating. I decided there was too many bugs so I decided not to eat that sandwich. In the bottom I saw another sandwich, but I was a good sandwich, so I ate it.