Swimming for hours and gigantic sunken ship 🚋

Date: 3/7/2017

By richilye

I was at some beach, the idea was to survive, I then started to swim and went swimming for hours, I then got at some salt-water river and kept swimming. I got at a point in which there was some wood planka floating, I then got to an intersection which got a normal water river. Some announced that I was swimming through heavy water. I got on top of a rock and started poking the water to confirm, this heavy water was really green, I wanted to look under, but I had already removed my swimming goggles. I started swimming back before I would get lost. Scene Cut. I was back at the beach, my parents and my sis were there, there was only a fire lit in there, it was still day. I heard about some sunken ship in the area, I started searching the water for it, instead of building a shelter first. I found it at the very bottom, I then started pulling it towards the beach with a physics gun (Same one that you use in garry's mod). It was gigantic , I would say that it's bigger than Titanic, I was having some trouble dragging it. I finally got it to the sand part on the beach. Me and my parents went to a door that was on the entrance door, which was in the shell, but it opened a gate on the shell so you could see it. We approached the door and then a Girl in white clothes with somewhat white hair (like a Marine clothes, I'll call her "Navy" to make it easier) came out and greeted us, she also thanked me for unsinking the ship, thou the ship was there for ages, 'cos it's shell was very rust, I was wondering how would she still be alive. We boarded the ship and it was huge inside. It was also dark, we looked for the generator and I found it inside a locked room with an iron fence/door, it was malfunctioning, then a girl approached me, it was probably Navy or someone else,'cause she knew about the physics gun, I couldn't see very well in the dark. She then said "O my fucking god, so many wires and connectors". I picked the physics gun and started trying to reposition the generator, I got it attached to the wires, the lights turned on and the entire place was white clean, we looked to our right and there was a stand with lots of Ice cream on it, most of them were melting, there was a cooling machine on the side, but it was off. The girl took the physics gun and started moving it inside the generator's room, the gate opened and she put the cooling machine on the back attached to some wires and pipes, it then turned on, we started putting the Ice cream inside there. I went to look for a room for me, there were lots of them, I found a sink on the size of a bed, you could enchant it to cause sleep effects, mine was "Add +4 days of sleep permanently ", it works for anyone who would sleep in there, I don't know if it makes you sleep for 4/5 days straight, or if it just adds 4 days to your restness, I was wondering that when I woke up, if it passed just some hours or 4 days. I started wandering and people were starting to show up and settle themselves in there, their loudness was pissing me off. I went to a room on the side of the generator's room, It was a corridor and had a narrow passage that leads to the bottom of the ship, in which has more rooms and stuff. I went looking for my mom to tell her to go downstairs, I then saw some people on the sink/bed that I was sleeping in, there were 2 guys and a kid/baby sleeping inside. The guy on the left enchanted the bed with a "Adds +8 days of sleep permanently", I was like "yooooo" and also pissed that they put a kid on my bed, but didn't bother since I wasn't going to sleep there anymore; The guy on the right was wondering wat would he get if he enchanted the thing, he did it and got "adds 4 days of sleep", but it wasn't permanent, I then left. I found my mom and told her about the dorms downstairs, she said it was locked, I then thought about trying to lockpick it (Skyrim style), I told her to come with me, she then called Navy to come with us. Navy was going at the front, we started going downstairs, there was around 3 or 4 elevators and the place was gray, as if it was made out of concrete, I said "I don't remember here having so many elevators". We then took 2 more stairs to go down and arrived at the locked gate, it was an iron tall fence gate. You could see through it, the place looked like a cavern, but all bright. I was gonna lockpick the gate when Navy opened it. We went inside and a group of girls appeared, lots of cute girls in ragged clothes(mostly), I don't remember the other types of clothes they were using, most of them were girls, if not all(Also, hey had various types of hair color, being black and brown the more normal ones between them), I thought they were cannibals, they hugged my mom to greet her, I thought they would bite her, but they didn't. I went to the left to avoid the commotion and I was also a bit insecure if they were friendly, then a girl with short dark hair came running and started grinding her teeth at me(like and angry dog), the leader then said "stop it, he's just scared", then the girl ran back to them. The leader looked somewhat like a shaman, she then made a sign with her hand telling me to come along. I was following her and the people were preparing a banquet. The place was actually a cave, inside the ship. The banquet was probably to welcome us or maybe not... There was a cauldron near the food,she was using it to make the food, then she put a gold iron grill on top of the cauldron and started making barbecues, she was using the heat of the cauldron to heat the gold plate/grill, she told me to pick anything I want. I went to check for something to eat, I ate a piece of a sausage, I picked up an iron plate and found a chocolate ball, the type of the ones I like, too bad there was only one, I put it in my plate and went checking for more stuff, there were lots of fruits and vegetables, not too much meat, so I just picked up a fair share of meat, not much. In the middle of the chatting I heard some girls mentioning "Jen", but can't remember what else they said. I went looking for more stuff. Btw, I forgot to mention, the places were the food was at was golden as well, it's like a golden table with all sorts of food and it has 2 more platforms on top of it and there were more food (I think it had a proper name, but I forgot). I was looking around the table more, then a frog showed up, it was a big frog, it was going for the meat, I used the physics gun and slammed it on the wall, it then disappeared. The leader approached me and said "put the frog inside my cauldron and i'll make a good magic" with a witch like voice and making weird gestures with her hands, she was trying hard not to laugh, then I said "what, are you a witch now?" she then started laughing a bit and told me about the frog, that it was magical and eating it has good benefits, the frog appeared again, and I slammed it on the wall trying to knock it out, it disappeared again, then the leader did her witch impression again and this time she couldn't hold herself and started to laugh. It appeared again, but it saw me and disappeared. Then I got woken up by my sis.