Buddy's Buddies

Date: 8/21/2017

By MuffinFluffin

Background: Buddy, an old, orange/creamsicle Maine Coon mix, adopted me around 2013. He never liked having other cats around, but loved making his humans happy. Decided to write this dream in his perspective 🐱💛🌈 Buddy (20??-2017) was a lonely little fluffball cat. Despite having several other kitties wander into his kingdom (backyard), he couldn't help but be the neighborhood bully and chase them all off. He grew lonely while his humans were slaving away at work, especially since his old family all but abandoned him. Suddenly, a fantastic idea popped into his head: why not clone himself? Two Buds are better than one after all! The humans weren't sure how he did it, but when his favorite human came home, she was more than surprised to see another orange fluff lounging on the porch. But, wait a minute... Why not have more Buddies walking around? Then mom will never get lonely! Buddy made his wish when suddenly, three more cats came along, then four more, then five, then ten... Why is your face turning pale, human? I'm sure grandpaw won't mind cleaning up the extra poop, there's just more Buddy to love! We can make more if you want! ... I'll wait until you wake up from your floor nap. Post dream: I've had this dream multiple times in different variations, even after his death. Rest in paradise, little fluff.