Transport IKEA

Date: 3/13/2017

By obeydream

(Dream started) I was in a floating cart, it will stop by places and it will stay there for 5 min and then leave. I was in the cart with some girl and I didn't knew who she was but she act like she know me very well. We stop by this place and it was a little 12 year old girls room and she had been murdered and took her body, I was in there and everything in her room was dark and red, red lights were flashing in her room, there were blood stains everywhere, wall, floor and on her dresses, she was a beautiful young girl, I looked at her photos and she was posing, while I was looking at the pic tears would come down. We had to go to the cart before it leaves, while the cart was going I was crying so much, I wanna to leave, the girl that sat next to me was saying "your gonna stay here with me" I said "no no I want my mom, I'm leaving, let me go, LET ME GO" I didnt wake up, I was still in the dream but different places, I was in a place where it was by myself in a place where there's a lot of traffic, I was running to find my mom, I was crying. I woke up in tears, wasn't scared but sad.