Black Dragon

Date: 2/22/2019

By oniclown

My heart is beating really fast as I typed this, this is honestly the most HORRIFIC dream I’ve ever had. So I was walking home from school, and I saw my mom walking home from work. I caught up to her and we walked the rest of the way home together. Once we got home, I realized that my front door was filled with bugs n shit. I felt squirmy and I didn’t want to walk over them . So my mom and I went to the backyard so we can enter through the back door. But the yard had barbed wire scattered across the ground and the sky looked ***really*** cloudy and gloomy. It was a mix of purple, blue, and orange dark clouds. Not to mention, my yard was bigger in my dream for some reason, and it was difficult to make it all the way through the back door. As we’re running, my mom and I see this huge black figure arise from the sky. It looked like it had huge skinny arms and he started to move them around. It eventually formed into this super giant dragon. He was black like a fucking shadow and it scared me so much. It was even scarier because the dragon looked like he was targeting me the most.